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The Rail 1868

Restaurant & Tavern

Prior to 1868, Lebanon's downtown was located just east of where it is today. When the railroad was pushing expansion, they approached the land owners of the original square. They wanted the land owners to donate land for the railroads cause, but they wouldn't. This decision would change the landscape of Lebanon forever. In 1868, after finding owners who were willing to donate land, the railroad began laying track. In 1869 our new downtown was formed where it stands today. Some of the original building still stand today and we are fortunate to be located in one of them. When you visit the rail you will see the original brick, original hardwood floors and ceiling. We wanted to preserve as much history as possible. 

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Meet The Team


Chris Walters

Chris is our fearless leader and the conductor of operations. He has 20+ years of experience in our industry and is dedicated to happiness of our customers. 

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Nicole Walters

The visionary behind our restaurants design, Nicole continues to bring the vision alive everyday. She works closely with the management team to bring the latest and greatest to our customers. 


Ronda Smith

Ronda is the soul of our restaurant. She has been serving the citizens of Lebanon some of the best food around for years and continues bring it in new and exciting ways. 


Tuesday - Saturday

11:00 - 2:00

4:00 - 9:00


Tel. 417-991-2080

123 West Commercial St

Lebanon, MO 65536


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